Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Golf's 'get in the hole!' is now 'mashed potato!'

One of my first blog posts back in 2009 was about golf. I must admit that I don't write about golf too often, probably because I also don't watch or play golf with any real frequency either.

Anyway, one of the things that I find most annoying now when I do turn on a major golf tournament is the spectators and their "get in the hole!" screams - constantly. Even surrounding a green it's enough to make me sigh, but at least if a player's putting, he or she has a chance to literally get the ball in the hole.

What I have a problem with is those morons screaming the phrase at the top of their lungs off the tee box, especially those long and difficult par 5s. Seriously? Just stop it. It happens so much that it's not even remotely funny.

Taking it to a whole other level
A moment during this year's U.S. Open had my family laughing hysterically, however, and the loudmouth on the golf course did *not* yell the standard "get in the hole!" No, this phrase was completely different, out of place and had nothing to do with golf. I'm sure he did it on a bet with his buddies or to get some big reaction or viral video out of it. OK, I'll bite.

One of the leaders at the time, Jim Furyk, teed off during Sunday's final round at... one of the 18 holes, it doesn't really matter which one. He smashes the ball off the tee and everyone hears: "MASHED POTATO!"

It was so unexpected and so hilarious that my dad grabbed the remote to back it up so we could watch it again and again (Thank goodness for digital cable and DVRs.). As one of my Facebook friends said: "That never gets old."

So, the question is, what will be the next phrase someone yells on a golf course? And will it be as funny? Give it your best shot average-joe comedians.

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